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WCMexport version 1.0

When you’re branding a site using SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management, you really want to spend your time changing Master Pages and Page Layouts. But you often find that you spend a lot of your time editing your Feature.xml and different Elements.xml files especially if you have a lot of different Page Layouts with web parts for different parts of the site.

WCMexport is a small utility which can help you if you don’t like doing all the editing of the xml-files from scratch.

With WCMexport you can use SharePoint Designer or what other tool you want to create the Master Pages, Page Layouts and Style Library Files on a development site. Once you’re done and want to create your feature, you can just:

  1. Start WCMexport
  2. Enter the url of you site
  3. Press enter or click “Get Content”
  4. Select the files you want included in your Feature
  5. Click “Export”
  6. Select the location and name of your Feature.xml file WCMexport will then create your Feature.xml, “Elements”.xml files and sub-directories in the location you specified for your Feature.xml file.

There is a few things WCMexport will do that you might not expect:

You find a zip file with WCMexport 1.0 here and the source code here.

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